Kids Develop Self-confidence and Creativity

In learning Capoeira, a student develops skills in self-defense, acrobatics, fitness, instrument playing, rhythm and singing, language skills, teamwork, and strategy development.

Capoeira instills the values of responsibility and self-confidence while awakening creativity through the development of self-expression. In class a student develops body awareness through the use of self-defense skills, acrobatics, and general fitness. Capoeira increases memory, balance, mood and behavior, and like any regular physical activity, is the first defense against childhood obesity. Children are mentally engaged through instrument playing, rhythm and singing, language skills, teamwork, and strategy development, all while understanding limits and respect for one another.

Instrutora Água-viva and her students are role-models who strive to teach young people valuable life lessons—confidence, leadership, goal-setting, team-work, expression, cultural and social cooperation, respect and tradition, and habits that can lead to a lifetime of good health and civic involvement. 

Candeias Capoeira West Seattle holds youth, teen and adult classes and offers classes year round through Seattle area enrichment programs and camps in both the public and private sectors. Grupo Candeias Seattle brings artist from Brazil and around the world for its annual Batizado Cord Ceremony, exposing students to a celebration of Capoeira and Brazilian culture. 

The Fenix Capoeira Outreach program offers scholarships to youth students in underserved communities in order to make regular capoeira training possible through free and reduced price classes. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and your donation is tax deductible. We offer FREE CLASSES for foster kids and children with refugee status and scholarship opportunities for low income families. Learn more how to support our local youth.