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Our Progams


Capoeira classes offer a high-energy workout with many facets:  martial arts, self-expression, acrobatics, self-defense, music (instruments and singing), and Portuguese language.

Beginners will find themselves quickly getting in shape, and gaining unshakable confidence while continually finding something new to learn and aspire to. This is what makes Capoeira a sustainable art– there is always something to be good at, and always something to learn and work on. You'll see real progress and will never get bored.


A community to help you out.


Capoeira is a sport for all ages, genders, body types and levels.  When you train with this group it's like having a whole community to back you up, motivate and support you. Beginners may start out intimidated, but are soon warmed by the friendliness of the group and its members who take pride in helping new students progress and be a part of this wonderful community.

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